08.09.2023 Eddie Cochran - In Sessions (Jasmine JASCD1183) 1. Jerry Capehart feat. The Cochran Brothers - Walkin’ Stick Boogie 2. Tom Forse - They Call You A Small Fry 3. Eddie Miller And His Band - You Walked Away (no EC) 4. Wynn Stewart - The Keeper Of The Key 5. Skeets McDonald - You Oughta See Grandma Rock 6. Bo Davis - Let’s Coast Awhile 7. Jack Louis - I.O.U. 8. Lynn Marshall - Borrowed Love 9. Ray Stanley - Love Charms 10. The Holly Twins - I Want Elvis For Christmas 11. Mamie Van Doren - Rolling Stone 12. Lee Denson - New Shoes 13. Ronnie McBee - I’ll Be Waiting For You (no EC) 14. The Georgettes - Love Like A Fool (no EC) 15. Al Casey - Willa Mae 16. Gene Brown - Big Door 17. Gene Vincent - Git It 18. Margie Rayburn - Alright, But It Won’t Be Easy 19. Glen Garrison & The Note Kings - You’re My Darlin’ (no EC) 20. Buddy Lowe - Umm, Kiss Me Goodnight (no EC) 21. Bob Denton - Thinkin’ About You 22. The Huskies - Go Out And Buy Yourself A Hat (New on CD) 23. Troyce Key - Watch Your Mouth 24. Loy Clingman - Show Down 25. The Four Dots - Pleading For Your Love 26. The Tigers - Jellybean 27. Sherman Scott - How’dya Do 28. Johnny Burnette - Me And The Bear 29. Tommy Law With King Richard & The Rocking Dukes - Cool Juice 30. Elroy Peace And The Bow Ribbons - Quick Like 31. Wayne Walker - You’ve Got Me (Where I Wanna Be) (no EC) 32. Baker Knight - Just Relax 33. Jay Johnston - Walk A Dog 34. Barry Martin - Minnie The Moocher 35. Mike Cliffort With Patience & Prudence - Should I 36. Bob Orrison - Sarah Lee Probably all tracks are vinyl rips not tape sourced!
News Eddie Cochran "Two Classic Albums Plus Singles And Session Tracks" Includes the albums "Singing' To My Baby (1957)" and "Memorial Album (1960)". 99 tracks on 4 CDs in a double wide jewel case. Label: Real Gone Rock N Roll (RGMCD020) Track List: [Disc 1] Singing' To My Baby (1957) 1. Sitting In The Balcony 02:02 2. Completely Sweet 02:31 3. Undying Love 02:07 4. I'm Alone Because I Love You 02:20 5. Lovin' Time 02:05 6. Proud Of You 01:57 7. Mean When I'm Mad 01:5 8. Stockin's & Shoes 02:15 9. Tell Me Why 02:14 10. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 02:33 11. Cradle Baby 01:47 12. One Kiss 01:49 Memorial Album (1960) 13. C'mon Everybody 01:55 14. Three Steps To Heaven 02:15 15. Cut Across Shorty 01:50 16. Hallelujah I Love Her So 02:16 17. Summertime Blues 01:59 18. Somethin' Else 02:03 19. Teenage Heaven 02:09 20. Drive In Show 02:01 The Cochran Brothers (1955) 21. Two Blue Singin' Stars 02:33 22. Mr Fiddle 02:18 23. Your Tomorrow's Never Come 02:13 24. Guilty Conscience 02:13 [Disc 2] Jerry Capehart feat. The Cochran Brothers (1956) 1. Walkin' Stick Boogie 02:03 2. Rollin' 01:48 The Cochran Brothers (1956) 3. Tired And Sleepy 01:58 4. Fool's Paradise 02:02 5. Skinny Jim 02:11 6. Half Loved 02:26 Singles (1957) 7. Dark Lonely Street 02:20 8. Am I Blue 02:16 9. Twenty Flight Rock 01:41 Singles (1958) 10. Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie 02:20 11. Pocketful Of Hearts 01:53 12. Teresa 02:05 13. Pretty Girl 01:50 14. Love Again 02:12 15. Don't Ever Let Me Go 02:10 Singles (1959) 16. I Remember 02:16 17. Boll Weevil Song 01:56 18. Little Angel 01:53 Singles (1960) 19. Lonely 02:15 20. Sweetie Pie 02:07 21. Weekend 01:49 22. Cherished Memories 01:52 13. April 2012  A new Eddie Cochran Box Set released: In addition to well-known recordings, 16 tracks for the first time on CD! Partly from tapes, partly vinyl rips in different sound quality. Unfortunately, some of the recordings were not made, or only possibly with Eddie! A booklet is not available. [Disc 3] 1. Over A Coke - Ray Stanley 02:30 2. You've Got Me (Where I Wanna Be) - Wayne Walker 02:24 (no EC) 3. You Oughta See Grandma Rock - Skeets Mcdonald 02:02 4. Let's Coast - Bo Davis 02:01 5. Borrowed Love - Lynn Marshall 02:09 6. Lovin' Lorene - Glen Garrison / The Note Kings 02:02 (no EC) 7. Cool Juice - Tommy Law 02:11 8. Pretty Little Devil - Bob Denton 02:10 9. Ummm Kiss Me Goodnight - Buddy Lowe 02:12 (no EC) 10. Beaulah Lee - Jody Reynolds 02:19 (no EC) 11. I'll Be Waiting For You - Ronnie McBee 02:21 (new on CD) (possibly EC) 12. Big Door - Gene Brown 02:24 13. I Hates Rabbits - Jerry Neal 01:47 14. The Beat Generation - Mamie Von Doren 02:03 (no EC) 15. Love Like A Fool - Georgettes 01:59  (new on CD) (no EC) 16. Every Dog Has His Day - Jess Willard 02:06 17. Jellybean - Tigers 01:59 (new on CD) 18. On My Mind Again - Bob Denton 02:39 19. Don't Wake Up The Kids - Four Dots 02:33 20. Walk A Dog - Jay Johnston 02:20 (new on CD) 21. The Willies - Barry Martin 02:10 (new on CD)  22. Ain't A That Something - Larry O'keefe 02:24  (possibly EC) 23. It Happened To Me - Buddy Lowe (dry mix) 02:25 (no EC) 24. 24 Hour Night - Bob Denton 02:07 (new onCD)  25. Because You Love Me - Del Reeves 02:30 (new on CD) (no EC) 26. Lipstick - The Playthings (correct speed version) 02:23  (possibly EC) [Disc 4] 1. Willa Mae - Al Casey 01:51 2. Smoochin' - Margie Rayburn 02:28 3. Should I - Mike Clifford 02:16 4. Heart Breakin' Mama - Skeets Mcdonald 02:23 5. Sittin' - The Playthings 01:57 (new onCD)  (possibly EC) 6. Love Me So I'll Know - Bob Denton 02:14 (single version) (new on CD) 7. Salamander - Mamie Von Doren 02:13 8. Drowin' All My Sorrows - Bo Davis 02:08 9. I'm Gonna Tell My Conscience On You - Tom Forse 01:50 10. Sarah Lee - Bob Orrison 02:04 11. I.O.U. - Jack Lewis 02:08 12. Opportunity - Jewel & Eddie 01:52 13. You're My Darling - Glen Garrison / The Note Kings 02:03 (new on CD) (no EC) 14. Oh Tonight - Georgettes 02:22 (new on CD) (no EC) 15. Honey Honey - Darla Daret 02:01 (new on CD)  16. Don't Bye Bye Baby Me - Tigers 02:11 (neu auf CD) 17. Quick Like - Elroy Peace / The Bow Ribbons 02:12 18. I'm Sending You This Record - Bob Denton 02:01 (single version) (neu auf CD)  19. Rollin' Stone - Mamie Von Doren 02:20 20. Pleading For Your Love - Four Dots 02:01 (neu auf CD)  21. New Shoes - Lee Denson 02:00 22. Minnie The Moocher - Barry Martin 02:08 (neu auf CD) 23. Market Place - Ray Stanley 02:05 24. They Call You A Small Fry - Tom Forse 02:06 25. Thinkin' About You - Bob Denton 02:03 26. Doin' The Hully Gully - Jewel / Eddie 02:44 27. Love Charms - Ray Stanley 02:30 September 2012  “Freedom Records Story” (FRCD 001) erschienen: Bootleg CD without booklet, with unedited (not de-clicked or de-noised) copies of FREEDOM singles. If you love the crackling and crackling of vinyl, you've come to the right place! Some tracks with Eddie Cochran: Tracks 3, 4, 7, 8, 15 (for the first time on CD), 17, 18, 24, 31? and 32. FRCD 001 front FRCD 001 back 18.02.2013 “Boy Meets Girls TV Shows Vol.1 (Rockstar Records 032):

TRACKLIST - *) = Eddie is involved CD1 Heart Of A Fool (Lee Denson) The Pied Piper (Lee Denson) New Shoes (Lee Denson) *) High School Hop (Lee Denson) Devil Doll (Lee Denson) South’s Gonna Rise Again (Jesse James) Red Hot Rockin’ Blues (Jesse James) Tired And Sleepy (Cochran Bros) *) Open The Door (Cochran Bros) *) Latch On (Hank Cochran) *) Kiss And Make Up (Ray Stanley) *) Equator (Ray Stanley) *) Let’s Get Acquainted (Ray Stanley) Market Place (Ray Stanley) *) Pushin’ (Ray Stanley) *) Love Charms (Ray Stanley) *) My Lovin’ Baby (Ray Stanley) *) Over A Coke (Ray Stanley) *) I Can’t Wait (Ray Stanley) Fool’s Paradise (Cochran Bros) *) Latch On (Cochran Bros) *) Rollin’ (Jerry Capehart) *) Heart Of A Fool (Jerry Capehart) *) Walkin’ Stick Boogie (Jerry Capehart) *) That’s What It Takes To Make A Man (Jerry Capehart) *) Rockin’ And Flyin’ (Jerry Capehart) *) Patty Cake Man (Eddie Miller) Heart-Breakin’ Mama (Skeets McDonald) *) Later For You Baby (Nick Greene) You Oughta See Grandma Rock (Skeets McDonald) *) My Lovin’ Baby (Nick Greene) You Walked Away (Eddie Miller) Equator (Sam Butera) I’m Ready (Hank Cochran) *) Borrowed Love (Lynn Marshall) *) Country Rockin’ And Flyin’ (Buddy Dee) *)   CD3 Little Lou (John Ashley) *) Born To Rock (John Ashley) *) Let The Good Times Roll (John Ashley) Me And The Bear (Johnny Burnette) *) Misery (Dorsey Burnette) Teenage Partner (Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps) *) Somebody Help Me (Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps) *) Five Feet Of Lovin’ (Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps) *) The Tender Age (Holly Twins) *) Nancy Lynne (Dick D’Agostin and The Swingers) Afraid To Take A Chance (Dick D’Agostin and The Swingers) Night Walk (Dick D’Agostin and The Swingers) Big Door (Gene Brown) *) Playin’ Hide Go Seek (Eddie Daniels) Whoa-Whoa Baby (Eddie Daniels) Hurry Baby (Eddie Daniels) Hug Me, Kiss Me (Eddie Daniels) Who Can I Count On? (Jewel and Eddie) *) Guybo (The Kelly Four) *) Watch Your Mouth (Troyce Key) *) Willa Mae (Al Casey) *) Baby Please Don’t Go (Troyce Key) *) Oo Ba La Baby (Mamie Van Doren) *) The Willies (Barry Martin) *) Salamander (Mamie Van Doren) *) Minnie The Moocher (Barry Martin) *) Rollin’ Stone (Mamie Van Doren) *) How’dja Do (Sherman Scott) *) Walk A Dog (Jay Johnston) *) Way Out Far (Sherman Scott) *) Heartbreak Harry (Alis Lesley) He Will Come Back To Me (Alis Lesley) CD2 Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (Jimmie Maddin) Always Late (Bob Denton) *) Skinny Minnie (Bob Denton) Playboy (Bob Denton) 24 Hour Night (Bob Denton) *) Pretty Little Devil (Bob Denton) *) Thinkin’ About You (Bob Denton) *) Slow Down (Cochran Bros) *) Scratchin’ (Jerry Neal) *) Latch On (Bo Davis and Eddie Cochran) *) Let’s Coast Awhile (Bo Davis) *) Drownin’ All My Sorrows (Bo Davis) *) Fulltime Baby (The Blockbusters) Take It And Git (The Blockbusters) Curfew (Gene Davis) No Rockin’ And Rollin’ (Chuck and Gene) Thanks (Gene Davis) Sweet Love (Don Deal) The First Teen-Ager (Don Deal) Reelin’ And Rockin’ (Bippin’ And Boppin’ Over You) (Baker Knight) Love-A Love-A Love-A (Baker Knight and The Knightmares) Just Relax (Baker Knight) *) Dum Dum Diddley Dum (Baker Knight) Strollin’ Guitar (The Kelly Four) *) Someone To Love Me (Jack Lewis) *) I.O.U. (Jack Lewis) *) Toodle-De-Oo (Jack Lewis) *) It Happened To Me (Buddy Lowe) Let’s Monkey Around (Kip Tyler and The Flips) Quick Like (Elroy Peace and The Bow Ribbons) *) Vagabond Mama (Kip Tyler and The Flips) Where Did I Goof? (Elroy Peace) She’s My Witch (Kip Tyler) Ummm - Kiss Me Goodnight (Buddy Lowe) Sarah Lee (Bob Orrison) *) Not For Love Or Money (Gary Hodge) 13.11.2015 GOLD STAR ROCKERS: EDDIE COCHRAN & FRIENDS (Fantasic Voyage FVDT228) The Cochran Brothers - Latch On [10-inch, 180g] (ALP10502) 05.05.2017 Mr Fiddle Two Blue Singin' Stars Your Tomorrows Never Come Guilty Conscience Latch On (Version 1) B-Side: Latch On (Version 2) Tired And Sleepy Fool's Paradise Slow Down Open The Door A-Side: Excellent sound quality from the original master tapes and news in the accompanying text (see under Updates & Additionals). Unfortunately, the error devil struck in the information: ‘Latch On (Vers.1)’ was on ECSP 20 published (is therefore not unpublished) and ‘Latch On (Vers.2)’ on UAS 29163. Definitely a collector's item! 27.09.2018 The Complete Cochran Brothers (BCD17565) Mr. Fiddle Yersterdays Heartbreak Two Blue Singing Stars Latch On (vers.2) Your Tomorrow Never Come My Love To Remember (vers.1) Guilty Conscience He’s Graduating (Carol Palmer) Rockin’ And Flyin’ (vers.1) Tired And Sleepy Closer, Closer, Closer Fool’s Paradise A Healer Like Time Slow Down My Honest Name (New) Open The Door Walkin’ Stick Boogie I’m Ready Rollin’ Pistol Packin’ Mama (Al Dexter) (New on CD) Cryin’ In One Eye I Won’t Be Number Two (Al Dexter) (New on CD) Broken-Hearted Fellow Don’t Hold Her So Close (Jess Willard) Pink Peg Slacks (vers.1) Every Dog Has His Day (Jess Willard) Latch On (vers.1) Meet Me At Jones (Riley Crabtree) Heart Of A Fool Don’t Turn Away From Me (Riley Crabtree) The umpteenth release of the early tapes. The only new thing is “My Honest Name”, which is first published here. The two Al Dexter tracks can be heard for the first time on CD. All other songs were already available on CD. Since not everything on the box set “Somethin‘ Else ”was released by the bears, the superb sound quality is once again tempting to buy, which is even better than comparatively with the Rockstar Record editions. 2019 Eddie Cochran - Rockin‘ with Ray (Gold Star ECRWR001) Mighty Mean (Eddie Cochran) Kiss And Make Up (Ray Stanley) Tood-A-Loo  (Jack Lewis) Bongo Boy (Danny Andrew) EP 7 “single with 400 copies. The re-release of Bongo Boy is new. 2020 Eddie Cochran - Lonely Street (BAF14009) - 10“ LP + CD - My Way (backing track TK 3) - Strollin‘ Guitar (The Kelly Four) The complete TV shows from February 16 and 23, 1960 digitally remastered from the original tapes of the BBC. Nothing new for Cochran fans. The recording of Gene Vincent's “Rocky Road Blues” (bonus track) is from the Boy Meets Girls Broadcast on December 19, 1959 - recorded on December 11, 1959 - in which Eddie was not involved. The artists didn't all record at the Gold Star Studio, and Eddie Cochran isn't involved everywhere, but the compilation with many rare tracks is good, as is the sound quality. 106 songs by artists who related to Eddie in some way. Top! Loving compilation for the 60th anniversary of death. Unfortunately, a lot of potential was wasted. The first publication of two is new Tracks on LP that have only appeared on CD so far: 2020 Margie Rayburn - I‘m Available (The Rare Recordings) (Jasmine JASCD 874) First complete works of Margie Rayburn on a 2 CD set in best audio qualitiy. Liner notes by Alan Eichler. The tracks Eddie is on: - Smoochin (New on CD) - Alright But It Won‘t Be Easy - Make Me Queen Again - Wait 2020 Margie Rayburn - I‘m Available (The Rare Recordings) (Jasmine JASCD 874) First complete works of Margie Rayburn on a 2 CD set in best audio qualitiy. Liner notes by Alan Eichler. The tracks Eddie is on: - Smoochin (New on CD) - Alright But It Won‘t Be Easy - Make Me Queen Again - Wait 2021 That‘ll Flat Git It! Vol. 38 (Bear Family BCD 17613) New remaster of: - Ain‘t That-a Something - Larry O‘Keefe - Sarah Lee - Bob Orrison 2021 Bob Denton - Playboy (HYDRA BCK 17156) Publication with special attention to the participation of Eddie Cochran: On My Mind Again Always Late I‘m Sending You This Record I‘m Sending You This Record TK 25 (NEW, prev. unreleased) I‘m Sending You This Record TK 29 (NEW, prev. unreleased) Love Is Made Of This Love Is Made Of This TK 20 (NEW, prev. unreleased) Sick & Tired Love Me So I‘ll Know Love Me So I‘ll Know TK 19 (NEW on CD) Time Will Tell (NEW on CD) Time Will Tell TK 15 (NEW, prev. unreleased) Pretty Little Devil Thinking About You That‘s Alright Mama She Done Give Me Her Heart Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young All other titles without Eddie. 2022 Eddie Cochran - C’mon Everybody (IKON 05) 10” orange vinyl (500 Copies): Side A   1. C' mon Everbody (mono)   2. Sittin' In The Balcony (mono)   3. Summertime Blues (mono)   4. 20 Flight Rock (mono) Side B   1. C' mon Everbody (stereo)   2. Sittin' In The Balcony (stereo)   3. Summertime Blues (stereo)   4. 20 Flight Rock (stereo) Based on London Records RE-U 1214 from May 1959. Spectral stereo remixes are available for the first time on this bootleg EP!