30.04.2023 New classification of the so-called Snuff Garrett overdubbs: The date given for the sessions in the "Something Else (Bear Family)" box set: July 20, 1962, cannot be correct as some of the edited songs were already released on "Never To Be Forgotten" on January 5, 1962.
10.03.2013 16.05.2013 To my opinion, Eddie is not involved in Zombie Lou (Valor FF-2006) by the “Johnson Brothers”. There is no traceable connection to Alvin and Edwin Johnson (formerly “The Souvenirs”). 17.05.2013 Thanks to Hans-Joachim Krohberger, who gave me the name of the youngest Giancano sister of the G-Notes, “Colleen”. 11.07.2013 02.09.2013 05.11.2014 03.02.2015

17.07.2017 Musicians - Hank Cochran: lead vocal and guitar - Eddie Cochran: vocal and guitar - Billy Wright: fiddle - George 'Junior' Stonebarger: steel guitar - and Alan Barker: bass. 23.10.2017 22.12.2018 19.07.2020 Thanks to Karlheinz Focke, who made the songs of the very rare single IMPERIAL X5514 from March 4th, 1958 available to me. Eddie Cochran is not involved in I'm Impressed and Our Star by Carole & Connie Haldeman. Annotation: A-side written by Ray Stanley, produced by Jerry Capehart. Eddie is not involved in Wayne Walker's You’ve Got Me. The recording took place on 05/05/1959 at the Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville, TN, and it is not credible to assume that Eddie was traveling to Tennessee to attend this session. 30.06.2013 There is a general belief that Eddie is not involved in Troyce Key's I Ain’t Crying Enough. The recordings of Lovin’ Lorraine and You’re My Darling by Glen Garrison have been removed from my discography. Even if Tapio relies on his hearing, Eddie's involvement is not to be assumed. Not only does the song not sound like Eddie, there is no other information about a collaboration. The recordings of the session from April 13th, 1959 by Dorsey Burnette: Your Love, Lonely Train, Misery will be removed from the discography.  Source: http://burnette.voila.net/1959.htm The Scream (TK 7) has been removed from the discography. It's a song by Rod McKuen, alias Oliver Cool, on "Brand BR 1234" dated November 1962. When searching through recording documents of the Music Union, new details of recordings made on April 4, 1955 were found. This affects the Sessions by ‘Mr. Fiddle’,‘Two Blue Singin’ Stars’, ‘Your Tomorrow Never Come’ and ‘Guilty Conscience’: Source: accompanying text to ‘Latch On With The Cochran Brothers’ (RWA ALP 10502) by Antoon Van Olderen One Million Teardrops has been removed. Even if the composer is named “Eddie Cochran”, it is a different one. Removal of Annie Has a Party and So Fine, Be Mine. Glen Campbell can be heard on guitar on "Annie". Eddie is producer this time. Removal of Ronnie (My Teenage Dream), I Would, and If They Only Knew from G-Notes. After years of searching, there is no evidence or evidence of Eddie's involvement. 22.08.2020 Removal of Beaulah Lee by Jody Reynolds. On guitar: Al Casey and Donald „Don“ Cole. 20.09.2020 Removal of I‘m Available, Oooh What A Doll and I Would by Margie Rayburn. According to the liner notes of Alan Eichler Eddie is not on these. 27.12.2020 Removal of You‘re The Reason, I Know That I'm A Fool (For Loving You) by Bobby Edwards, You Been Torturing Me and See Them Laugh  by the Four Young Men. These records were released in Dezember 1961 and Dezember 1960, a long time after Eddie‘s death. Only Thomas Aubrunner (www.burritobrother.com) is of the opinion that Eddie is involved. There is not other evidence. 27.12.2020 Removal of It Happend To Me by Buddy Lowe. These record was cut on 15 June 1960 and released in Juli 1960 after Eddie‘s death. The guitar was played by Buddy himself. 21.02.2021 Hallelujah, I Love Her So was recorded on 29.08.1959 (and not on 31.08.1959). Same session as ‚Little Angel‘ and ‚My Love To Remember‘. This is documented on the 78 rpm 10“ Gold Star acetate. Note in pencil on sleeve: „without overdubs (both sides)“. 20.03.2021 My Love To Remember (Version 4) was recorded in 1956 (and not in 1957). Same session as ‚This Must Be The Place‘. This is documented on the 78 rpm 10“ Gold Star acetate. Someone cuts Eddie off and says: "Start again." That would make this rehearsal the true first version! 04.04.2021 Mr. & Mrs. Millionaire is the second surviving record of Yvonne Lime. A-Side of the 10“ Gold Star acetate is Ting-A-Ling Telephone. 04.04.2021 Two versions of Nice‘n‘ Easy are on this 10“ Presto acetate. A short and a long version. 04.06.2021 Revision and elimination of errors, upgrade of PDF data base. 20.10.2021 Deleting of 24-Hour-Night by Bob Denton. According to HYDRA 27156. 01.01.2022 Removal of You Walked Away by The Miller Band and The Beat Generation by Mamie van Doren. There is no evidence of Eddie‘s involvement. 21.01.2022 Some minor timeline corrections. 18.01.2023 Adding discography to PDF “The Complete Eddie Cochran”. 09.02.2023 Adding a rebuild page: “Stereo Edition 2023”. 16.02.2023 Correction of a long overlooked error regarding the interviews on 09.02.57.