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All My Heros Are Dead And Gone  But They’re Inside Of Me,  They Still Live On
The complete EDDIE COCHRAN LINKS Extensive documentation of Eddie's discography, recording sessions and live performances based on secured information.  Nevertheless, there are assumptions that allow the conclusion that the catalog of his work still needs to be supplemented.  Here is the complete discography and a summary of open items. OHRWÄRTS ... Keine Superstars, aber für einige Menschen nicht weg zu denken. Es ist Zeit, diese Band nicht in Vergessenheit  geraten zu lassen!  Zeit, sich an die kulturellen Leistungen der Jugendbewegung in den 70-igern zu erinnern, die viele von uns geprägt haben. ... und nicht vergessen!

JOHN LENNON - The ultimate complete John Lennon collection
GENE VINCENT - The studio recordings Gene's studio recordings, as far as they exist, were made by Bear-Family Records published in two extensive box sets.  The introductory text in the booklet of the EMI Box Set by Steve Aynsley and Roger Nunn as well as an extended discography of his studio recordings can be found here.
On the way to the “Ultimate Complete John Lennon”. Preliminary list of outtakes, demos, live recordings, promos, single versions, etc. to create a complete retrospective.